Heroin Addiction

All you need to know about Heroin Addiction heroin addiction

Heroin addiction causes some devastating symptoms that may make loved ones of the victim feel unsure on how they can handle the issue. Although the addict may want to stop using the drug, he/she may not know how to avoid the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Like most other opiates drugs, heroin blocks the ability of the brain to perceive pain. The most common signs of the heroin use include the following:

– Dry mouth

– Shortness of breath

– Constricted and small pupils

– Disorientation

– Sudden changes in behaviour and actions

– Droopy appearance

– Cycles of hyper-alertness that may follow by suddenly nodding off

The above symptoms are not unique to heroin abuse. More definitive signs that help to conclude that a patient if suffering from heroin addiction include possession of paraphernalia that is used to consume heroin. Heroin addict is possessed of using contaminated needles, burned silver spoons and aluminium foils wrapped with burn marks. You can also confirm that patient could be using heroin he/she wear shoes with missing shoelaces and carrying straws with burns marks, pipes or plastic bags.

Heroin Addiction Treatment:

Although herein are very addictive, recovery from the addiction is possible. Heroin addiction treatment varies and depends mainly on the addict. The most common use medication for heroin is methadone, a synthetic opiate that helps to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with ending heroin use. Although Buprenorphine is considered addictive, they can also be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin changes Behaviour

Behavioural therapy can also be used along with the medication to help heroin users recover faster. The behavioural treatment styles can be classified as cognitive-behavioral and contingency management therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to address destructive thought patterns and help the addict learn stress-copying skills. On the other hand, Contingency management therapy uses a points system that rewards recovering heroin addiction users for remaining drug-free.